Fun with Fares

Is V/Line charging too much for travel in Zone 1? This probably isn’t news to anyone, but I thought it was a little odd.

A full fare ticket from Ararat to Southern Cross (or Footscray) costs $28.20. This might seem a bit pricey until you remember it’s a 200+ km trip which makes it a bit more reasonable. The concession fare is of course half that, at $14.10.

If you were to travel to Sunshine just 6 minutes down from The ‘Scray, however, which is in both Myki Zones 1 and 2, the V/Line Paper Ticket Fare is $21.80 for full fare and $10.90 for concession. You can then exit the station with your paper ticket, touch on with your Myki and travel the rest of the way to the city for a Myki money fare of $4.10 full fare, or $2.05 concession.

On weekends and public holidays, the daily cap for Myki is $6.00 which means you save 40 cents no matter what. On a weekday it might be marginally more expensive, but cheaper if you make a return journey.

Just one of those funny things about fares when you go from V/Line pricing units to Myki Zones, a full $6.40 difference in fares between Sunshine and Footscray.

If we could get Myki all the way out to Ararat (and Maryborough, and Echuca as well) that would be great too.


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